About HIV Quality Of Care Program


February 2019
Dear Healthcare Provider:

The New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute Quality of Care Program was created in 1992. This program is responsible for systematically monitoring the quality of medical care and support services provided to people living with HIV in New York State and for guiding care to achieve intended health outcomes.

Built upon the principles of continuous quality improvement, the program includes measurement of key performance indicators that have been defined by experts from the provider community. Priorities for these measures are jointly agreed upon by providers and consumers, together with state and local health officials. While we maintain attention to providing balanced healthcare, as our focus turns to ending the HIV epidemic, we are increasingly focused on , testing, evidence of care, retention, and viral load suppression. As part of the treatment cascade, these focal points are crucial to both preventing transmission of HIV and ensuring positive health outcomes.

The New York State HIV Quality of Care Program is involved with the measurement of quality indicators, the implementation of improvement methods, the presentation of facility-specific and statewide data, and the provision of quality improvement coaching services to support and develop HIV quality programs. Our learning networks and regional groups foster improvement through peer learning and targeted on-site coaching. This New York State program has been a model for national improvement initiatives, specifically for the HIVQUAL-US program, which has now been integrated into the Center for Quality Improvement and Innovation, supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau (HRSA/HAB).

The AIDS Institute is committed to building capacity and capability for quality improvement and has expanded its work to include improvement of hepatitis C and STI care in New York’s healthcare facilities. Although we have accomplished much, we still have work to do as we continue our mission in partnership with providers and communities to improve care, targeting our efforts to stem the HIV epidemic and end AIDS.

Charles Gonzalez, MD
Medical Director, AIDS Institute
New York State Department of Health