Quality Improvement Profiles

Quality Improvement (QI) Profiles


The purpose of the HIV clinical Quality of Care (QOC) Program QI Profile is to offer individualized overviews of QI activities, organizational treatment cascade outcomes and quality management infrastructure of each NYS-based HIV medical provider organization that can be used by organizational HIV quality program teams, AIDS Institute (AI) contract managers and QOC program quality coaches to help strengthen organizational capacity for QI.


The QI Profile consists of organizational information, including primary contacts for the organization’s HIV QM program. The Profile also specifies the organization’s quality learning network and regional group affiliation. Organizational treatment cascade of care data are presented over a multi-year period so that trends in outcomes can be visualized, analyzed, and used to plan future quality improvement efforts.

Additionally, the Profile includes improvement goals and QI plans developed by the organizations based on cascade data analysis and consumer involvement. Quality Coach and contract manager feedback is offered on current QI activities and outcomes at the organization.

QI Profiles Process

QI Profiles will be developed in the following cases for NYS HIV medical providers:

  • Organizations that score at or below the 25th percentile for VLS in the most recent HIV organizational treatment cascade self-review of care. These organizations will be designated as High Priority organizations and will receive intensive coaching and technical assistance.
  • Annually for Part B funded programs that provide HIV medical care.
  • Annually for organizations that receive AIDS Institute RAP (retention and treatment) funding.
QI Profile Case Conferencing

Case conferences on QI profiles will be performed during QOC workgroup, email correspondence or in meetings with the organization’s quality team, the organization’s respective contract managers and quality coaches. A collaborative coaching/technical assistance plan will be developed by coaches, contract managers and organizational quality leads as needed.