Technical Assistance, Training, and Coaching

About Quality Improvement Technical Assistance, Training and Coaching

The New York State HIV Quality of Care Program offers technical assistance, training and customized coaching focused on three key elements for the ongoing evaluation and improvement of services and related HIV health outcomes:

  • Quality Management Infrastructure: HIV programs have significantly better results in achieving and sustaining improvements when quality improvement infrastructure is in place, including: leadership, QI planning and implementation, and evaluation.
  • Performance Measurement: Data Collection, analysis and sharing are critical elements for improving care and outcomes and for targeting improvement strategies.
  • Quality Improvement: Quality improvement projects are the main vehicle by which HIV programs can develop, implement and sustain improvements to their systems of care and services in response to the performance data results.

Utilizing a dynamic coaching model, the program builds the capacity and capability for quality improvement in HIV care and outcomes at both the regional level and at HIV healthcare and supportive service facilities across New York State. A quality improvement (QI) coach, an expert in the science and application of quality improvement principles and methodology, works with clinicians, administrative and supportive service staff and people living with HIV (PLWH) to provide targeted support. Coaches are assigned to specific regions of the state where they assist with setting priorities for improvement initiatives, developing plans for quality improvement and implementing improvement projects.

QI coaches work with individuals and groups to customize technical assistance for quality improvement based upon the unique needs and contextual factors within an organization and/or a region. Technical assistance can take any of the following forms:

  • Group: Multiple individuals, organizations and/or disciplines receive guidance regarding their HIV quality management programs and quality improvement activities.
  • One-on One: An individual or an organization’s team receives guidance regarding their HIV quality management program and quality improvement activities.
  • Training: Multiple individuals from one or more organizations receive instruction on specific quality management concepts, tools and activities.

Technical assistance, training and coaching is offered across several platforms including – face to face trainings; regional group collaborative meetings; webinars; virtual and teleconferencing sessions; and on-site visits.

If you need help with developing your quality management infrastructure and teams, using your data to develop and implement quality improvement projects, or you are simply interested in learning more about our offerings please contact: or complete the technical assistance form, which includes a selection of technical assistance offerings.